Saturday, July 23, 2011

back to reality. LOL.

Bonjour! surprise..surprise..
I'm back after a long period of silence.. it was 9 months ago when i posted my last entry.. a darn pathetic one i shud say.. lol~

Yeah, i have to admit that it has taken me several months to heal my broken heart. whoppss, exaggerating much? :p ok..ok..lemme rephrase, it was only 2 months to be exact! but then, i'm not saying that it was easy. I did lose my appetite, i had gone thru sleepless nights thinking abt my failed relationship, i remembered there were times i wud burst into tears just looking at some old photos of us during the happy times..bla..bla..blaa.. enuff with the past..

One thing i'm proud of is i managed to hide my sadness from the people around me. I smiled all day long, as if nothing has happened. I did my daily routine like usual. The break-up has somehow made me a slightly different person, it changed me in a positive way for sure.. Yep, it's true that what doesn't kill u will only make u stronger. After knowing the truth (yeah he falls for another girl, booyah!), I can curse all i want but nehh, i can handle things professionally. :)

Talking abt my life since then.. to my surprise, i've never been this happy.. I almost forgot how blissful life is being single.. i can do anything i want, i can befriend with anyone..or shud i say any-...err guy? lol.. compared to back then where even adding friends/approving friends request particularly from guys in fb was not allowed by u-know-who, it makes me quite content knowing that now i hv lots of guy friends, in reality. But if u asked me about when will i end my so-called single life, i have no answer for that. Even if i do, i think this time i wud prefer to be secretive abt it. lol.

For now, just lemme enjoy my life to the fullest while i can. till next post! ^^v

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am officially...SINGLE...

I was with him for the past 4 years and 3 months.... like any other couples, we did hv fights n arguments, which is normal..

But the most recent argument led to a had nothing to do with other people, cheating or anything that is related to was actually about being honest about our own objectives in life..he has his own objectives, so do i...

Of course at the beginning of the relationship, everything was just wonderful...the 2nd-3rd year were awesome...came the 4th year, everything has changed..i want to respect his privacy so i wouldnt state what changes he has gone through.. only that he has a new objective, which somehow contributes to the argument..

Basically, my objective is i wanna tie a knot with the one i love before i reach 30..i did tell him about this since the early stage of our relationship..and I was happy that he could accept that despite his young age..but that was then....longgggg longggg time ago when we were deeply in love with each other..

Now u tell me, what woman is not going to ask 'that' question after being together for a long time...4years plus, mind u! But then again, part of it was my mistake, choosing someone younger at the first i stupid? i hv no regret....

I do agree that sometimes, my own selfishness about some stuff has made the change of heart of sorry about that..i admit i've made him disappointed on certain matters..on the other hand, i was also upset with him due to certain matters both hv been through some rough moment trying to accept one another all this while...

I want to hate him but i cannot..the fact that i still love him hurts me even more..yet, i know that its no use loving someone who doesnt love u anymore as much as u do...and i know someone better is waiting for me out there..

It was mutual..we need to go separate ways..but we're still friends..we can still hangout together if we want wud be awkward going out with ur X but yeah, he's still one of the best persons i've ever known..n like i said, i hv no regret knowing n being with him for the past 4 years..thanks for all the memories...i wish u all the best in life.. :')

2010...not really a good year...

It has really been a while! feb..march..apr..may...june... july...august...sept..n now OCT! for after several months, here i am again, trying my best to recall some events happened throughout the months i've missed blogging...but then again, call me LAZY, cuz im not gonna blog things happened since half a year ago..

Now, let me just do some updates of what i'm up to nowadays...

1- teaching

2- teaching (whoops..did i mention that twice? just so u know how much i LIKE being a teacher!)

3- netball training...uuuuuu its time to get in shape again..lalala..

4- heart-broken...DAMN! yes i cried a lot...n still crying...but i hv to move on...i know im the one who i used to love so much, thanks, at least i can experience this kind of situation i hv never had before...whc is TERRIBLE! :)

Well yeah...i think thats all for now..cya.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

3rd week- im happy im still alive..

I just hate it when i'm unable to leave any comment, upload photos and check my inbox in my FB profile..i cant even approve friend requests.. budu pnya FB (or was it my lappy?) In case u people in fb r wondering why i've been MIA these few days, now u knw why...darn lappy!'s already the 3rd week of the month..time really flies.. September will come in no time..and i'll be 26 this year! Oh NO!! i dont wanna be 26! (kidding..26 sounds better though than 62 ;p) and who knows, someone is probably getting MARRIED this year! ok i'll save that for another post kikikik.. ;p

January has treated me well so far..except for going back home late EVERY day, mind u we have to teach up to 3.10pm, minus Friday la.. but i seriously think that it wasnt the best decision to make the students sit their a** for almost 8 hours in class! Even we teachers ended up hurting our throat n nearly losing our voice.. and 'good' thing is, it is only January! Gosh...I'm sooo ready for the worst!

Works are not really piling up (yet), but i have to make sure that i have enough stocks of SUNBLOCK! The fact that i have to work both inside and outside of class, means double-trouble.. Being the coach for both MSSD athletes and netball under-18 players, starting nextweek, i cud imagine reaching home at 6! i wouldnt mind it if that would make me lose some weight ;p but i cant bear tanning my skin again!! :(

Talking about working extra hours, i thot it is just unfair for some who get the same amount of payment (or even higher) when all they do is just sitting hours at the canteen enjoying their kopi-O..sometimes pretending to forget that they actually have classes to teach.. God forgive them for they are just another pitiful fellas.. *shaking head

Tomorrow (Saturday) i'll be in sch for the whole day.. guess what, im involved wt the 'kem kebudayaan'.. clap..clap.. i really dont mind coz i found it kinda fun, to be able to watch them kids dancing their hearts planning of bringing along my lappy, in case if thr's nothing much to do 2moro, i'll sneak some time to blog..^^

so til we meet again dear readers....xoxo..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

saturday is again my fav day..

I spent my saturday by lepaking wif my gila2 geng at rien's.. it was not in the plan actually.. at first, we were supposed to help joelene to carry the fridge up to her 4th floor unit in SK pekan 2.. since it was raining, we thot it wud be hard (or even risky) carrying the fridge under the rain..sia2 ja nti usaha m'angkat esbuk smpi tingkat4, skali tgk short ni kana ujan cancel la upacara m'angkat esbuk tersebut..heheh..

Nway, after we had lunch at restran rahmat, we fetched juvie (our gila2 president) who was actually sleeping when we arrived at her hse (haha maafin guwe ya vie, i dint notice that u've texted me saying u couldnt join us mansau2) tp pa bleh buat la, suda t'smpai d ruma ko, tpaksa jg kmi angkut ko haha..

There's nothin much to blog about today.. i'll leave u wif a picture of us, having fun camwhoring together..

Friday, January 15, 2010

smile while u still can ;)

i just dont feel like listing my new yr resolutions here..
and yeah, i'll only blog when something really BIG n FUN n MEANINGFUL happens..(alasan c pmalas hahaha..nda ba, tgk la jg kalo ada masa, tatap jua blogging..)
finally, not too l8 2 wish everyone a hpy nw yr~~

love n hugs,
Ms Carol LennyDonggulu :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

forgive me for i'm not a serious blogger :(

My goodness, i've been ignoring my blog for months.. blame it on my busy routine since the past 3 months.. the last post was somewhr in Sept.. -_-

Let me just do it briefly la..


  • It had been hard yet worth the time i missed for blogging..I had dedicated my whole life for this thing called BOLAJARING since i joined the sport for mskppm last july.. I hv never thot that life would be different just because of it..really, i noticed that i've become a happier person (not that i'm not hpy with my life back then) but to be honest, netball has really made me whole once again..during the past 3 months, i just couldnt wait for the next day to come because the only time i found myself completely stress-free was when i played netball with this wonderful bunch of people i've only known recently..just fyi, we had training session ALMOST every day..and i guess that's what made us closer each passing day..


  • Ok..It was the month that my netball team has been long waiting for..We were all ready for the mskppm state-level! ;p n yes, hard work always paid-off.. another glorious moment for keningau team.. i rather not brag abt it, nti kna ckp tmbirang.. so next....

  • Doing thesis is one of my least fav stuff.. but i had no choice but to help my mom complete hers..RARR-RaaRRR-RArRRRRrrrrrr!!

  • Another matter i shud be very worried of, SPM! (As if i was the one taking it bah) My form5 kids were not scared at all, i found them skipping classes, sleeping during my lesson and menjadi semakin kurang ajar..if only canning isnt such a big issue...sigh...


  • Meetings....LDP...LDP...LDP.. somebody shoot me! >_<


Now that would summarise my life and just to update u guys la (kalau la ada readers ;p)

Nway, i'm now having my sch-hols, and i'm pretty sure that all teachers out thr are right now, the happiest creatures on earth..heheh..(are they????)

K, till next post.. muahh..